Our sincerest gratitude to all those we’ve been so fortunate to serve and a huge “welcome” to those we soon will!

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“Couldn’t believe how dirty my panels had gotten and the impact of cleaning. Happy customer. Highly recommended.”

Robert H

Eastlake, Ca

“The service from Socal SolarClean has always been great and the difference in production noticable.”

Sabrina A

Chula Vista, Ca

“Figured why not and when the techs were out, noticed some lose connections left behind by the installer. Well worth the money to have eyes on your system.”

Kendra R

La Jolla, Ca

“Makes sense. The team at Socal also does a great job. 5 Stars.”

Jim P

Alpine, Ca

“Got the system with the house so not sure how long they had gone without a clean but production doubled after Jeff and his team clean the panels. Pretty impressive.”

Rachael R

Eastlake, Ca

“Always been professional, on time and the results what they said they will be. Great company and valuable service.”

Tim G

Lakeside, Ca

“Can’t afford another system so figured it makes sense to protect this one! Thankful to Jeff for keeping our system running it’s best! Check em out!”

Ricky D

Powey, Ca

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