We have a full line of solar panel cleaning services as well as a handful of other valuable services that can protect your home and the investment it is.

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Solar Panel Cleaning - Starting at $99

Solar Panel cleaning not only ensure the highest level of system production but will help uphold your warranty and add an extra level of protection on the investment that your solar system is.


  • Optimize System Production / Increase Savings
  • Extend Your Systems Life
  • Protect Your Systems Warranty
  • Ensure a Higher Level of Safety
  • Maximize the Return on your Investment

Window Cleaning - $8 per (both sides)

Maintain the cleanliness of your windows by allowing our professionals to thouroughly clean them, ensuring the longest life and smoothest operation for long term reliability and enjoyment.


  • Maximize the Life of your Windows
  • Improved Visability
  • Reduced Alergins
  • Increased Air Quality
  • Increased Efficiancy

Screen Cleaning - $2 per

Screens are a common trap for many alergins and unwanted pests. We will thouroughly clean them front and back making sure they are not only spotless but maintained in a way you will be extending their life expentancy.



  • Improved Air Quality
  • Reduced Alergins and Pests
  • Extend Screens Life
  • Protect Window
  • Increased Cleanliness


Window Tracks - $2 per

Dirty window tracks beyond being a breeding ground for unwanted tenants, wear on the rest of your window in effect reducing it’s life expectancy. Keep them clean and enjoy the many benefits.



  • Improved Air Quality
  • Better Window Operation
  • Maximize Window Life
  • Eliminate Unwanted Dander
  • Enjoy a Cleaner Environment

Gutter Cleaning $2 per

Gutter cleaning is essential to maintain the health and extending the longevity of your home. Dirty gutters collect moisture which leads to mold, rot and a whole slew of unwanted side-effects. Regular cleaning will pay dividends in the long run.




  • Protect Your Home
  • Extend Life of Roof
  • Increase Life of Gutters
  • Eliminate Pest Nesting Areas
  • Improved Function

Glass Fencing - $8 per (both sides)

Keep your glass fencing looking as spectular as the day it was installed. Our professional staff will thouroughly clean your glass fencing so you can get back to enjoying it.




  • Optimize Clarity
  • Prevent Unsightly Buildup
  • Enjoy Improved Appearance
  • Protect Investment
  • Extended Life

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