Glass Fencing can be of one of the classiest features one can integrate into their space.

Like all things glass, Glass Fencing can require some attention to keep it looking optimal.

Often times people don’t take into account the water quality when cleaning and end up with Glass Fencing covered in streaks and residue.

By using sophisticated water filtration and advance cleaning techniques, SoCal Solar Clean is able to get your Glass Fencing back to looking pristine.

Our water filters remove nearly everything in the water leaving behind pure h2O which is exactly what will leave your windows crystal clear.

Couple clean water with the latest equipment in glass cleaning and you can be certain your glass fencing will be shimmering.

In addition to clean water and the right tools for the job, our professionals have extensive training on proper cleaning techniques so you can rest assured the job has been done right.

We recommend quarterly or even monthly cleanings to keep your Glass Fencing looking as amazing as it did the day it was installed.

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